Test results

In 2006, a series of laboratory tests were done at Luleå University to test X-Block. The tests yielded compressed air savings of between 35-70%, depending on system pressure, load, cylinder size, the use of speed regulators, etc. As a result of these tests, the Swedish Department of Energy provided grants to fund the installation and energy saving verifications at three Swedish companies.

In the summer of 2006, a first test was conducted at Stenvalls Wood AB, a saw mill. Significant savings in energy as well as increased speeds (and throughput increases) were verified on site by AF Consulting Group, an energy consulting firm,  in collaboration with the Swedish Department of Energy. Two subsequent tests re-confirmed savings of over 60% through the same verification methods and again under the supervision of the Swedish Department of Energy. Reductions in noise and increased speeds were measured and verified at all three occasions.

These installations are currently still in use verifying the reliability of System X-Block.

Several beta tests were also carried out in the U.S. in 2006. These were verified by an independent Energy Auditor along with the users, providing similar results as those achieved in Sweden.

We are pleased to provide these extensive measurement results upon request. Some of these results were published, which are also available upon request.

An installation at a furniture factory in Poland resulted in a reduction of air consumption by 74.7%. System pressure was lowered from 6.1 to 2.5 bar with the low pressure from the X-BLOCK set to 1.4 bar. These major reductions of system pressure and internal pressure for the return strokes extends the life of actuators and valves. The maintenance costs are also reduced substantially.