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  • Does X-Block work with all compressed air systems?
     Yes, in all plants that use double-acting cylinders.
  • How does X-Block achieve air and energy?
    Compressed air is used to push forward the piston in the cylinder, in the same way as in a normal configuration. With System X BLOCK, we create a closed system on the minus side of the cylinders. No new air is required for the return movement.  
  • What is the maximum pressure than can be used?
    Maximum recommended pressure should not exceed 10 bar (145 psi).
  • How is the air stored?
    For a single cylinder connection, an “air tank” is needed to store air used for the return stroke with System X BLOCK. If more than one cylinder is connected, and where the cylinders are working at different intervals, the cylinders themselves can often be used to store air used for the return stroke.
  • Many of your customers claim that they are able to reduce air consumption by over 90%. How is this possible?
    System X-Block often achieves reductions in air consumption of well over 60%. The largest additional contribution to additional air savings is due to lowering the air pressure used to operate the cylinder(s) in both directions. Air pressures can be lowered considerably without reducing the forces and speeds required to run the cylinders. In some cases, speeds can actually be increased. Additional savings are also achieved through the X-Block special monitoring module, where instantaneous measurements of consumption and pressure drops and leakage are detected,  otherwise difficult or sometimes impossible to detect or infer at the specific location. In other cases, the operation of the machine(s) is significantly improved during and after the installation of System X-BLOCK..