System X-Block creates a closed system on the minus side of a single or a group of pneumatic cylinders. Unlike a standard system, little to no new compressed air is needed for the return stroke. The pressure contained in the inner loop generates the force needed for the return stroke. Additional energy savings are realized as the system can operate with considerably less pressure usually on both sides of the cylinder.

In short, the system X-Block:

• Stores the air usually on the negative side of the cylinder(s) and compensates with additional air, if leakage.

• The stored air acts both as a shock absorber for the inner rod and as a spring for the return stroke

• The pressure for both sides of the cylinder(s) is regulated with X-Block to achieve optimal efficiency in terms of both running efficiency and energy consumption.

• System X-Block saves less air in applications where full power is needed for the return movement and where full power is needed to hold the stroke in position for extended periods of time.

Quick payback on investment

If one considers only the economic benefits of the air savings,  we are often able to achieve a return on investment in less than one year. Many users point out that they achieved at least equal, if not greater, savings in reduced maintenance costs.

System X-Block offers:

  • • Reduced energy costs
  • • Potentially significant throughput increases
  • • Smoother cylinder cycles with fewer interruptions leading to equipment life extension
  • • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • • Enables the use of smaller compressors
  • • Lower noise providing an improved working environment
  • • Significantly lower CO2 emissions

Tests from a small compressor are able to demonstrate a potential increase in cycle speeds, increasing from 30 to 170 cycles / minute with the same air consumption.

Ease of Installation

Installation of the System X BLOCK can be done by your own technicians. We are, of course, available to provide you with complete instructions on how to best install the system depending on application. We also have available experts, who can work on site to help with part or all of a project.

Installation Ideas. (PDF)

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