SCA Munksund a Happy customer – Saved 97%!

Thomas Hallberg, Maintenance Manager, SCA Munksund:

“We are very pleased with the results”

After a successful pilot test on one of our machines in Sweden a few years ago, we went ahead with a major installation on two production units. In total, we connected 87 pneumatic cylinders to the X-Blocks.

- Our measurements of air consumption showed astonishing savings, which came from the new way of using compressed air. A third party audit of the machines before and after installation of System X BLOCK, showed air consumption reductions of 97.7% and 93.5% in the two machines!

- We have now run the units for several years and have noticed that maintenance is significantly reduced. The machines are running with significantly reduced pressure, which reduces the wear on the bearings and cylinder mountings. We have had fewer disruptions in production.

- With reduced air consumption, we are evaluating the imminent replacement of the existing compressors with smaller ones.